Twinwall sheet paking

Boxes with stacking, folding boxes, crates Transport casings, spacers, boxes to transport electronics, container

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Celular boards

Plastkarton The company is a manufacturer of polypropylene hollow boards. Hllow boards are used in the automotive industry for the transport of car parts.

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With spacers manufactured by our company hollow boards are manufactured also called spacers

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Compoudy – specialist raw materials and additives to enhance performance plastic products. Improving the flexibility of plastic, increasing the burst strength.

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Despite the too-placement on the market, the company boasts one of the best quality production twinwall sheet on the market. Today's status We owe a modern production line and highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the plastics processing industry, especially the manufacturing celular boards and solid boards. Thanks to these advantages, we are able to provide high quality and meet the high demands of customers in this field. Our experience allows us to design and produce boards and all the packaging as required by the customer.[read more]


opakowania z tworzyw sztucznych płyty kanalikowe przekładki z płyt komorowych compaudy

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