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Produced by Plastkarton packaging are made of twinwall sheet manufactured by our company. These packages are characterized by very high resistance to moisture, water and chemical compounds.

Packages of this type are successfully used in the industry:

  • automotive to transport finished products in the external and internal.
  • pharmaceutical
  • food
  • electronics
  • construction
  • advertising




These packages are characterized by very low weight without reducing their functionality and resistance transported or stored product. Perfect for the intermediate packaging production lines. They do not have the limitations of dimensional, color, and on the distribution of the loading zone sections.



Package sent to the electronics market include the required level of resistance by the client, allowing the descent accumulated electric charges.
If case of food markets or pharmaceutical they have appropriate certificates concerning eg. Food contact.


When applied to the production stage of special processing methods powierzchi cellular board can be applied to the surface of various kinds of printing or sticking any application.
It is also possible stacking manufactured packaging, as well as folding, greatly reducing the volume of packaging during transportation of empty containers.

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