Twinwall sheet paking

Boxes with stacking, folding boxes, crates Transport casings, spacers, boxes to transport electronics, container

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Celular boards

Plastkarton The company is a manufacturer of polypropylene hollow boards. Hllow boards are used in the automotive industry for the transport of car parts.

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With spacers manufactured by our company hollow boards are manufactured also called spacers

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Compoudy – specialist raw materials and additives to enhance performance plastic products. Improving the flexibility of plastic, increasing the burst strength.

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Produced by our company hollow boards are manufactured also called spacers.
Hollow boards in this case is further processed consisting of the closure side edge thereof by submergence.

Performed is also rounded corners and melted of the plate.

These operations protect the disc from getting inside the water, and other factors that cause internal contamination board. Rounded corners additionally protect the film that are wrapped against cuts.

Treated panels are used among other things as a spacer for the transport of glass in the glass industry, agri-food processing plants and internal logistics.

These spacers may be subjected to a washing process, thereby prolonging their service life. They applied to the preparation of suitable raw materials and high weight itself dividers provide sufficient rigidity and thus prevent movement of the goods on them lapped.

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